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Customize your business profile

Customize your business profile

Your public profile is the first thing customers see when they come across your page on Complete-Reviews. Use it to introduce your business and show them what you have to offer and how they can get in touch.

Your business profile page is indexed by search engines, so be sure that you maintain it on a regular basis to make sure all your information is current!

To get started, go to Dashboard > Settings > Public profile setup. You’ll be able to customize the following sections:

Public profile details

Here is where you’ll find all the basics. Add your business’ name and domain, then upload your logo. You’ll see a dynamic preview of the details as you enter them. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, click Save changes.

If you want to change your company domain, you'll need to request a profile merge for company rebranding. Updating your website details directly within Complete-Reviews Dashboard will change the URL link, but the text cannot be edited.

Company description

Next up is a description of your business. Use this section to tell customers what you’re all about and what they can expect from you. We recommend using at least 200 words. You’ll also see a dynamic preview here. Click Save changes once you’re done.

Contact info

This is where you tell your customers how to reach out and find you. Add all your relevant contact information and let us know where your business is registered. This tells us which market to rank your business in and affects your business category ranking.


Promotion box

You can add a Promotion box to help build awareness about your brand and customer service.


  1. In Dashboard, go to Settings > Profile pageScroll down and expand the Promotion box.
  2. Enter your Promotion box titleHeadline and Details
  3. Add an Image by clicking Upload Promotion Picture.
  4. Click Save changes.

Facebook Page plugin

Boost customer confidence by adding your public Facebook page to your Complete-reviews profile.

  1. In Dashboard, go to Settings > Profile pageScroll down and expand the Facebook Page plugin.
  2. Enter Your Facebook page URL in the field.
  3. Click Save changes.

To remove your Facebook Page plugin, clear the field.

Problems integrating the Facebook Page plugin?

The Facebook Page plugin isn't compatible with Facebook pages that have restrictions enabled for certain users, such as age or country restrictions. Learn how to remove them here

Once you’ve removed the restrictions, the integration should work smoothly.

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